0. You have not received a response from us?
Please check your SPAM folder.

1. How do I know my order is ready?
You will receive a confirmation email when your order has shipped from our facility.

2. I have a question about my order.
You can reach us at support@lootroom.com with any questions regarding your order. Please state your order number and full name for quick support.

3. How long will it take to get an answer?
We will do our best to take care of your request as soon as possible. However, if we have many requests at the same time, your request may be delayed but usually only between 1 Workday.

4. How do I redeem gift codes?
If you have won or received a gift code, you can enter it during the ordering process at the Checkout. The amount will be deducted automatically.

5. I did not receive my order.
If you didn’t receive your order, we ask you to check in advance whether the address is correct and whether payment has been processed. If you still have any questions, please contact support@lootroom.com.

6. How do I change my address?
Send us your new address at any time to support@lootroom.com, and we will change it.

7. How long does delivery to the USA take?
According to our experience, delivery to the USA takes about 14 working days.

8. How long does delivery within the EU take?
According to our experience, delivery within the EU takes up to 1 week.

9. Are you providing tracking numbers?
In most cases, it is possible for us to provide tracking numbers. You will receive them directly by email. If you have further questions about your delivery, you can also contact us directly via support@lootroom.com.

10. I am not satisfied with my product!
Absolutely no problem—please contact us directly via support@lootroom.com. So far, we have found the right solution for every problem. Let’s make Lootroom better together!

11. What kind of filament do you use?
We only use bio filament, which is naturally degradable.

12. Are you planning on making more items from other games?
We constantly work on offering you your favorite items. Just keep visiting our site or follow us on Instagram